House Sale Prep by Save-N-TimeAt Save-N-Time, we work with real estate agents and their clients to help get top dollar for each home sale.  Have us take care of that deferred maintenance and those needed repairs.  We can refresh and revitalize your place to get a better price on your house or Home Prep Services by Save-N-Timecondo. We can get it done for you:

  • repair or replace fixtures
  • catch up on neglected maintenance
  • declutter, pack, and dispose
  • refresh that kitchen
  • revitalize the bathrooms
  • debris removal
  • power washing

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Refresh and Revitalize

Kitchen Refresh by Save-N-TimeReal estate agents know that potential buyers often focus on the kitchen and bathrooms when they are looking for a new home. So why not refresh those areas of your home?

Instead of an expensive and lengthy remodel, consider a simple refresh, where the Save-N-Time pros come in and update those areas that really need it and only those areas. From door hardware to faucet fixtures to painting, we can get your kitchen and bathrooms looking so much better.*

(* Please note- we are a home service company, not a construction company.)

Repair or Replace

Repairs by Save-N-TimeAt Save-N-Time, we can fix leaky faucets, replace burnt-out lights, re-caulk drafty openings, and take care of countless other things that need updating or repairing. Finally complete all the items on that honey-do list and get your home ready for sale.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Sometimes, all a house needs to get top-dollar is a little extra loving attention. Regain the curb-appeal that will make your house stand out to prospective buyers. The Save-N-Time professional team can really help spruce up your place by taking care of those extra touches like a power washing or paint touch-up. Hire us to get your home ready for sale.

Declutter and Downsize

At Save-N-Time, we can help take care of all the excess stuff. We can help organize what stays, what gets boxed up, and what is to be donated or discarded.  We assist in getting the place cleaned out and then getting it ready for sale.

Moving to a smaller place? Are you or a loved-one downsizing? Maybe you are moving to a smaller house or to an assisted living apartment.  Well, at Save-N-Time we are the experts at decluttering properties. We take a professional approach to deal with each sensitive situation. We work with you to decide what goes and what is kept, and we do our best to find a good home for anything of value, from setting it aside for an estate sale to arranging for charity donations.

Dealing with the death of a loved one? Has a relative or friend passed away and now their house needs to be cleaned out? It can be very stressful and overwhelming to deal with, especially when the furnishings have so much family history and memories attached to them. That’s why it can be a huge help to have us there, a professional who can help you deal with each and every situation. We are efficient and organized, and once the place is cleared of clutter, we can help with any needed repairs or maintenance.

Contact Save-N-Time today and learn how we can make your home shine.

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